Laos – the peaceful and hospitable land

Laos is no stranger but different enough to attract travelers worldwide. Silent roads will take you to discover the landscape of the “land of a million elephants”, to experience new lifestyle in a different country. Laos sometimes gives the impression as if time stand still.

It is less crowded and much less developed when compared to its neighbors, but that’s what gives it its charm. At times when it’s getting harder and harder to find a truly untouched site in Asia, travelers can still discover such places in Laos.

1. Gentle local people

If asking the felling of those who have been to Laos, there are only one answer: Lao people are very gentle and honest. They are always friendly and leave a good impression on tourists. Go to Laos, you will not feel as lost as travel in any other country.

2. Good English

Although Laos is poor, you will see many local people speak English very well. From tuk tuk drives to Lao governmental officials can communicate in English.

3. Good security

When traveling to Laos, you’ll need to consider about security. Whether you are in Pakse, Vientiane or Luang Prabang, there is almost no violence and theft. Lao people consider stealing is a crime, and will be fined heavily.

4. Slow pace of life

If most Southern Asian countries are growing fast, visitors can still find peace and tranquility in Laos. Even in the capital of Vientiane, it is a quiet town on the riverbank more than the capital of a country. Laos is also moving forward, but it seems that in this country, traditional customs are well-maintained by the people and government. Life just moves slowly in Laos.

5. No horn on the streets

Already familiar with the noise of vehicles, siren rush in big cities in Vietnam, you will be surprised at the silence of the Lao traffic. Right in Vientiane, although the traffic is crowded, there are no horns. All kinds of transports are strictly on the right land, obey the traffic law and give in to one another. The streets in Vientiane are not too wide, but the traffic is very good, the cars never encroach on the road sections of motor vehicles as well as occupy the right turn of the


Even the people here watch the whistle as the most exaggerated detail on a car.

6. Beerlao is best in Asia

Beerlao is light and delicious. It has been voted as the most delicious beer in Asia by Asia Magazine. In Laos, there is a special Mekong River fish with sweet and firm meat served with Beerlao is great.